Thursday, July 6, 2017

Spring and Summer Grandchildren Sports

Soccer and Gymnastics in Charlotte

Although I haven't posted lately, I have been travelling to visit family and especially the East Coast grandchildren play sports.  In May I flew to Charlotte for a five day visit.  I just missed a chance to see Liam Jacob playing lacrosse.  If they had won the game the day before--they lost in overtime-- I came, I would have seen the regional semi-final.  I was able to catch one of Eibhlin's gymnastics training.  The week before she had competed and captured the title in two events and the all around.  Medals galore.  Click here to see some photos of her workout.

No 15 rising for the ball
I was able to see one of Aidan's soccer matches although I just missed watching Marin play.  Aidan is center back and plays a great defensive game.  I was impressed with the way he took charge back there.

Click here to see photos of that match.

Both boys are looking forward to the fall.  This will be Liam's senior year on the football team and Aidan is trying out to kick and/or punt along with playing on the varsity soccer squad.  Marin will begin her high school career in the fall as well.

Track in Rochester

Brynne on the left flying over the hurdles.
Meanwhile back in Rochester, Brynne earned her way onto the middle school track team and was participating in hurdles, metric mile, high jump and the triple jump.  I got to have fun watching her compete and taking some pretty cool photos using the video capture feature of my little Panasonic DMC FZ-300.

I saw her compete twice in track and then watched her in a tennis match at MidTown Tennis.  She intends to keep up her tennis and play in high school.  No photos were allowed of the match and but here is a video of her hurdles.

Here are links to two albums of her track competition:  and

Ryan Plays Baseball

Digging out of the box to beat out a single.
Ryan had a very successful season in the Central Amherst Little League.  He is always a threat at the plate to hit a deep ball and plays a great third and first base.

He played on the Giants and they had a great year.  They made it to the league championship game.  Unfortunately they lost that game.  But most athletes never have the experience of being in championship game.  We traveled to Buffalo for that game as well as several others.

Click here to view some photos.

 Grady Plays Baseball

Our other 11 year old New York baseball player is Grady William Pickett Kessler who is on an 11-12 year old travel team.  He is a great little player to watch.  Whether he is pitching, playing second or roaming the outfield, he plays with a sense of joy and aggression.  He is a cagey pitcher, no doubt channeling his Dad, Derek, who spun some pitches for Brighton High School.

At a recent tournament in Mendon, he was selected as MVP.  That is a special accomplishment since it came from the votes of players on the opposing teams.  The kids all know who contributes the most.  

West Virginia Baseball

Making that long throw from third to first.
I spent a great Father's Day weekend in Morgantown with Brendan, Eileen and the kids.  The weather was perfect and I was able to watch a total of six games, four with Brady and two with Brock.  There were warm sunny days, perfect for just sitting back and watching young boys play the game of America.

Brady plays catcher and third base and is a threat at the plate.  Just last week his team won their first tournament and Brady got the  game winning RBI with a squeeze play.  As his Dad and Coach, Brendan, says, the more things you can show a coach that you can do, the more valuable you are and the more playing time you get.

About to squeeze one into his glove.
There is another Pickett ball player in West Virginia, Brock.  He plays a smooth middle infield, mostly as second and is a very heady player as befits his training as a center mid on some outstanding soccer teams.

He is quick and fast.  His first at bat was a bunt single.  Later in that game he laid down a perfect sacrifice bunt to advance a runner to second.  It is fun to watch him play.


  1. Wow! I'm worn out just reading about all this activity. Your grandkids are amazing!

  2. Thanks for the great pics and video of Ryan!!!!